Check-List to Follow While Dealing with Local Movers for Your Office

Moving Can Be TaxingRelocating your office can be a daunting task for business owners. The best way to reduce your stress and enable a smooth move is to trust reliable local movers in San Antonio for the job. We bring you a useful checklist to follow to ensure a stress-free move:

1. When you are appointing a company, check the following:

  • Who will be packing all the items?
  • Who will provide the cartons, boxes and labels?
  • Who will be in-charge of handling the storage?
  • If custom duties are to be paid, who is responsible for paying it?

2. Ensure that you have a personal insurance or a replacement package deal from the moving company.

3. Before you start moving, check to see that the new location is ready to accommodate all the items you will be moving.

4. Discuss payment modes before you finalize the company. Also ask for refunds, discounts, extra charges and other liabilities.

5. Make sure to create a catalogue and tag all items with numbers before they are moved. Once they reach the new location, it will be easy for you to tally all the items.

6. Share a detailed floor plan with the moving company’s employees so that they know exactly where to put the furniture.

7. Have parking permits ready for the moving vans.

8. Have someone supervise the packing, moving and shifting of all your office items.

9. If you have some valuables in office, it is better to carry them yourself.

10. Ensure you take back-ups of all files on your computers before the move.

This check-list will help you stay organized during the move and make relocation less stressful.

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