Top Questions to Ask Your Movers While Moving Office

Business men cannot afford to make any blunder when they move their office. As such, they tend to hire reputable commercial movers in San Antonio, TX  so that they can continually earn profit without much interruption. To make sure everything runs smoothly, here are some questions to ask your movers before hiring them,

How they determine the cost?

Moving companies charge their service based on various factors like the total area that requires relocation, distance and building access.  Based on these, they either quote a flat rate or an estimate and charge after calculating the actual time and materials spent.

How do they move?

Ask them how they move the objects form the location to vehicle? The type of vehicle used? How the things get transported to the destination?

Are they insured?

Do they have the appropriate insurance certificate? What are their policy regarding lost or damages goods? Also know about the local laws and regulations about these matters.

How do they handle the re-installation?

Make sure that your movers in San Antonio would reinstall the equipments if needed. See if they have professional installers so that your items remain safe and in good hands.

Who is responsible for supervising the move?

Supervisors are responsible for overseeing each and every aspect of the moving process. They need to have enough experience in this field to plan and execute everything within the time-frame and budget.

Before signing the contract, put forth these queries and go ahead only if you are satisfied with the answers.

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