A Manager’s Checklist to Plan a Commercial Move

A Manager’s Checklist to Plan a Commercial Move

A Manager’s Checklist to Plan a Commercial Move

When it’s time to move your business to new office or worksite, you’ll have a lot on your plate. So, it’s best to plan your move as early as possible to avoid any costly downtime, lost sales, and all of the stress that comes in tow. Here is a checklist that helps you stay on top of things from beginning to end.

Separate the Non-essential Items

While relocating your business, first separate the negligible provisions in advance. Empty the on-site desks, file cabinets, and storage areas to decide which items to box up, sell, and throw away. This will reduce your workload during the move.

Hire the Movers

After organizing the negligible provision, reach out to commercial movers San Antonio TX to help you with the moving. If you are unfamiliar with the moving company in your area, consider the following to find the right one.

  • Fully qualified and trained movers
  • Full insurance and liability coverage
  • Complimentary on-site visits, assessments, and tailor-made quotes
  • Modernized moving equipment and tools
  • Notify the Proper Entities

To ensure your moving process is smooth, facilitate some organizational procedures in advance. These include,

Check in with the building manager to find out about the dock requirements, elevator reservations, security codifications and more.

Check whether your movers in San Antonio will be allowed on the premises or if any necessary paperwork required.

Make corporate and community announcement about your move.

Back up all sensitive computer data and pack all personal and financial documentation in secure boxes.

Designate a moving manager who can efficiently synchronize procedures such as furniture deliveries, IT installations, garbage pickups, employee schedules, and more alongside with the movers in San Antonio.

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